I've been awful busy of late, so posting has been light.

Today, when I have time, I have absolutely nothing to say that hasn't already been said elsewhere. Gaaarrrr. I probably ought to get a life, so that I'd have some interesting anecdotes to relate.

Instead, I present to you the highlights of today's tour of the blogrolls:

  • Frank gives us the scoop on Canada. Canada doesn't come out of it too well.
  • Steve takes on the Hollywood Pharisees, as well as issuing a well-deserved smack upside the head of the Sex and the City crowd. Whiny self-obsessed idiots....
  • Serenity posts photos, and gets dinged by a copyright lawyer. I'm so jealous. I could put Microsoft's source code on my site and no one would notice.
  • Via Spoons, we find noted Sci-Fi author Orson Scott Card (go read Ender's Game -- now!) ably and eloquently defending traditional marriage.
  • Bill Hobbs confesses. So should we all.
  • The "dark dream" of the post-9/11 world -- or rather, the prospect of waking up from it -- disturbs Blackfive. "We are a nation at war. Many don't understand this premise." Too true.
  • Courtesy of doc Russia, a few cheap shots at Kerry. Hey, I was in Korea for over 900 days. Does that count?
  • Denita mourns the Comanche. And the Osprey and Raptor, too. In a Fair And Just World, there would be a "coolness factor" assessed as part of the military procurement process.
  • Idiots harrass a bunch of kids. Mamamontezz objects.
  • Bill Whittle teases. Sing with me: "Anticipation...."
  • Charles is tired of the whining from Andrew Sullivan and others about GWB endorsing the FMA.

Folks, there's plenty more to see out there.


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