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I occasionally have a tough time remembering birthdays, appointments, anniversaries, and the like. Without a PDA, I'd be toast.

Advance notice to any hypothetical future wife: I will forget an anniversary or two. I don't mean to -- it just happens. Apologies in advance.

Tuesday was my 1st blogiversary, and I never even thought about it.

Not that I've made any impact worth celebrating or anything... though this post still ranks #1 on Google for the expression "Thomas Friedman idiot."

Still... if I were my own wife, I'd hit me over the head with a frying pan.

3/13 UPDATE: No need for the frying pan. The gout bit me last night.

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Happy Blogiversary, Matt and Russ! from The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler on March 15, 2004 10:42 PM

LC & IB Matt Margolis is celebrating his first blogiversary, and so is LC & IB Russ. Our Imperial Congratulations.... Read More


Belated happy blogiversary, Russ. Always glad I stopped by.

Sorry about the gout. Ouch.

Congrats, Russ! Keep up the good work.

Happy blogiversary!

And sad for the gout. I hope it's just temporary for you.

Fortunately, due to medication leftovers, the gout is history.

I suppose it would behoove me to have a supply on hand for future emergencies.

And a deep-fried Ewok for you, too, as the Emperor ordered. Congrats!

I linked to the subsequent partial-retraction post of yours (to that Friedman entry) in my blog entry on the pro-war Left, and then did a trackback ping to that entry. From that trackback, I think that you went to my blog, perhaps for the first time (I think I saw on my hit counter a referrer from a trackback to your blog).

I later commented at this site, and you responded. Anyway, happy [belated] Blogiversary to you. It is now one week later on Tuesday the 16th, which is also election day here in Illinois. I know that you went to school in nothern Illinois; are you still in this state? (Sorry if you've already answered this question...). If so, are you voting in today's primary? The Senate race is interesting; there are several good Republican candidates. I would recommend either Steve Rauschenberger or Jonathan Wright. I was backing John Cox last year for this race, but he withdrew.

The polls close in about two hours, at least here in Springfield (it's probably the same throughout Illinois). I wish I had done some blog entries about today's election.

Once again, Happy Blogiversary, and keep up the good work!


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