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In the words of the single most annoying song on the planet, it's a small world after all.

Now, if you've been here before, you might have asked yourself "what the heck is a 'TacJammer'...?" A little bit of poking around (e.g., swivelling your eyeballs over to the left sidebar) would point you to a small page I set up about a piece of Army equipment officially known as the AN/MLQ-34 -- the TACJAM.

At any given moment in the late '80s and early '90s, the Army had tens of thousands of infantrymen, artillerymen, clerks, mechanics, engineers, tankers, and so on. Meanwhile, there would have been fewer than 200 TACJAM crewdogs -- perhaps as few as 100. It was a rather exclusive club.

I was one such crewdog.

And as it happens, so was the proprietor of the latest edition to the "Jamming" category of the blogroll, Travelling Shoes.

So like the song says -- it's indeed a small world. Go check him out.

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Just another guy from the 108 MI Bn in Wildflecken. I was also a TACJAM team leader for 2- 1/2 yrs until sept '88. Since I'd been a civilian mechanic, my big hulking M1015 got expert care..... constantly! It didn't help much, since everything seemed to fail, at one time or another.


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