Movable Type Kerfuffle

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Hold yer horses, people.

MT users all over the 'sphere are kvetching about the pricing and licensing of the newly-released MovableType 3.0 Developer Edition. Look at the trackbacks to Mena's post at Six Apart and you'll get the idea.

People aren't just unhappy -- they're seriously POed at the prospect of paying the stated rates with the limitations on the number of blogs and authors.

I host and run two blogs here, with one author on this blog and two on the other. In addition, I manage a third blog (hosted elsewhere) that has about 25 authors. So yes, this is a matter of some concern to me.

A couple of points:

1) So far, all we know about is a Developer Edition. The name implies that there may be a non-developer edition, with appropriate licensing and pricing.

2) Not only is this implied, it's stated - not clearly, rather obliquely, but stated nonetheless:

We would recommend that, if you're not the type of person who likes to tinker with Movable Type or would require a installation, you hold off until the general release.
[Emphasis in the original.]

You see, a "general release" is a different animal than a "Developer Edition." Different capabilities, different features, different licensing, different pricing.

So everyone take a chill pill, eh?

I will happily wait to see what comes of this general release. If circumstances dictate, then and only then will I start shopping for a new blog software package.

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Maybe they should have writing their stuff. News to me that those were different things :) I no speaky softwareeze.

I can't say that this all has me upset really. A little sticker shocked maybe, but I don't see needing anything more than 2.666 for the forseeable future.

Menawhal, de much-a bad-a mouth'd Blog-a-spot, she's a gotta da comments built-a rat in, anna lotsa utha nueva gooda stuff!

I have to say this,'re a lot more optimistic than I am ATM.

Given that they have licenses specifically designated as "personal" licenses right now, and there's no "developer" license (that would seem to be logical to sell when you release a "Developer Edition", but then again after today I'm not sure logic is one of 6A's strong suits), I'm pretty sure that, barring any backpedalling based on the universally ugly response to their new licensing scheme, you won't see any charges when a "general release" rolls out.


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