I've been thinking of doing a site redesign. I've used the templates and styles you see before you essentially unchanged since I began blogging last year.

Frankly, I'm getting tired of the look of it.

In the coming days and weeks I'll be spending some of my Copious Free Time™ working up a new "look" for this page, and possibly rebuilding the underlying data structure and the manner in which archives, etc., are presented.

If there's something design-wise you've seen here or elsewhere that you think really stinks, that makes you want to claw out your own eyeballs, please let me know -- the last thing I want to do is drive away the few regular readers I have.

I was thinking of a dark-blue-text-on-black-background theme, with about twenty enormous graphics, and abundant <blink> tags.

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LOL. Please make the text red on black. I'm so tired of my corneas.

Be sure to have plenty of red and purple text on those backgrounds. It'll give it that Gothic and mysterious look. Nine point fixed-size type, too.

Heh...not even Glenn could help you then.

Hey! where'd that Dpnnah post come from?!

Ooh, I absolutely love blink tags.


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