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The site redesign beautification project I mentioned a couple of weeks ago is nearly complete, despite not having a bunch of time to do it in. (It could have been done in a day or two, but I had to get my Photoshop/GIMP "chops" up to speed.) I still have a few tweaks to make, a feature or two I'm trying to get working, but I'll try to roll it out within the week.

[Anyone out there know how to get a blogroll to display in a mouse-over popup menu?]

I can assure you that the dark-red-text-on-black-background color scheme was rejected out of hand.


I was a TACJAM team chief (with the 501st MIB (from Katterbach, Kaserne) during the Gulf War. I have a TM 32-5865-060-10-1 (Operator's Manual AN/TLQ-34). Moreover, I drove my TACJAM (A28) through Saudi Arabia, into Iraq, and Kuwait. It only broke down twice! Anyone who wants to contact me, feel free to do so.

Took the day off and was just reading up some blogs and thought I would post here

michael, i too was in the 501st as a 72e, then moved to D Co. i woould like to chat with you. we were there the same years i believe.

Michael: Does your last name start with M?

I'm Mike R.


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