So, does it suck? Does anything appear broken?

Those are menu buttons over there on the left column. Go ahead - click one and be amazed.

Let me know what you think of the new design.


I clicked, I was amazed!

They're da bomb!

It looks nice, but I have one request: Put your old tagline back.

Jam it til it hertz.

Besides that, nice look. Godspeed friend.

Dang! I knew something was missing....

Thanks for the tip, Chaz.

Looks Great!

I like it, and I am jealous of anyone who even knows what javascript is. To me, it sounds like it means dipping a pen in coffee and writing something.

The last two links on your Blog Roll (Direction Finding & Scanning) take you to a new page when clicked, instead of activating a javascript menu like the other links. Is this intentional? Otherwise, it looks great.


Handsome, with a capital H!

Clever how the blogroll works. Don't think I've seen that before. Very nice rehab.

Really sharp. Definitely some code here worth stealing!

It looks awesome. Good job, Russ!


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