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I hadn't looked anytime recently, so I clicked over to NZ Bear's Blogosphere Ecosystem for the same reason the bear went over the mountain — to see what I could see.

Holy moley. On 10/25, I seem to have been subject to a comparatively massive bout of de-linking.


What happened here on the 25th? Nothing of note... but on the 24th, a Sunday, I published my "Re-elect Bush" endorsement.

Would over one-third of people linking to this site de-link me because of that? I doubt it, especially given the rather precipitous climb in inbound links in the previous ten days, according to the same graph. Looks like a statistical anomaly of some sort. Could there be a problem in the Ecosystem algorithm?

If people really did de-link me because of my endorsement, maybe they never realized where I stand on matters, which would be my fault for not being sufficiently interestingly or vehement.

On the other hand, if people link to me only until they figure out I disagree with them, I don't really need or want their links.

On the gripping hand, I think I'll have a nice bowl of tomato soup for lunch today.


Russ, It wasn't a massive delinking. Bear changed his software and the same effect was noticed on all sites. I also had a major drop that day. I also see that you are experiencing the same symptom as I am, increasing links but at the same time an increase in Rank #, which in fact should be an inverse instead directly proportional. I have no idea what is going on and was hoping Bear could post an explanation.

Mr Minority

The Ecosystem in my limited observation tends to make Internet Exploder look like a consistent and quality piece of software, so I generally ignore it. I liked Bear more back when he drew traffic by writing instead of by whoring.

Well, Russ... look on the bright side... I didn't delink you. That means something, doesn't it? OK, not much... but something. :-)

B4B also tends to have a massive effect on the number of perceived links. It all depends on what time in any given day the ecosystem takes its sample--if you've posted something recently you'll be on a couple hundred B4B mini-blogrolls.


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