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For good or for ill, the past week has brought higher-than-usual traffic to this site, which has had the side-effect of reminding me of one of the rude little things people do that irritate me: bogus trackbacks.

I don't just mean trackback spam. I don't get much of that, thanks to MT-Blacklist. No, I mean bloggers looking to increase their own traffic or their TTLB Ecosystem link counts without having the common courtesy to actually link back to something I've posted.

[For starters, my traffic just isn't that high. There's not much benefit to it.]

When I get a trackback, of course I check the link. I don't get so many that I can ignore them.

So people, here's the rule: If your post does not contain an actual link to my post, I will summarily delete the trackback. I don't care who you are. You get no free linkage from me unless I say you do.

Quite simple, isn't it?

And yes, this has happened more than once, with a couple of repeat offenders. It's bloody rude. The Blacklist awaits the offenders if it happens again.

More on the matter from the Commissar.

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Words Of Wisdom from Absinthe & Cookies (a little bit bitter, a little bit sweet) on December 17, 2004 9:34 PM

Go read what Russ said (and this is how you do it, BTW) For myself, I just delete 'em. Cus... Read More


I read so many complaints about this that when I left Blogger and was able to do trackbacks, I turned everything off so I wouldn't make any mistakes.

Specifically link your post and the Commisar's post on this issue at the link above. Of course, the lede is,

"Perhaps he [the Commissar—misspelled in the post [sigh]] needs to be reminded—as I so frequently need to be reminded—that one ought not too readily ascribe to maliciousness or greed any behavior that is adequately explained by stupidity."

I then credit his remarks and your post linking his remarks.

Several times.

Is every other sentence enough?


OK, discovered how to do a lil more than just link, as Blogger would allow—I think. Haloscan let's me do trackbacks more as others think of them, like this:

...I think.

Whatever, the Commissar spoke of the ethics of _linking_ to a post when you post trackbacks, and I think most folks try to be up front about that kind of thing, notwithstanding the Total Depravity of Man...

You are totally correct, Russ. I still have the time to not only check trackbacks, but I will go through TTLB links, and will find that someone pulled the story and gave no credit on occassion. Some portion gets left behind, which then registers in the TTLB.


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