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It's Spring, and a young blogger's fancy turns to... to... well, whatever it turns to. I wouldn't know. I'm not young.

But I do know (via Spoons) that engagement-type congratulations are in order for FrankJ and SarahK. Best of luck to them both.

I'd like to make an announcement of my own: yesterday I got hitched.

She's a real beauty.


Lovely, isn't she?


Verrrrrrrrrrrrry curvaceous (hope I spelled THAT right!) Must have fallen for that sizzlin' license plate.

Congratulations, Russ. Definitely a keeper. So young, smooth...and shiny! I bet she wouldn't even mind going boating with you from time to time. Question is, does she have a sister (perhaps at Express Auto Parts or

But can she suck the chrome off of a....?

....never mind.

Sloop New Dawn
Galveston, TX

She won't break your stindeens about cleaning the basement and you won't spend a farookin' dime on Woolite.

Okay, I admit it. Ya got me. ;)


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