Second Time Running


This is the second year in a row that my blogiversary has escaped my attention.

Two years... ooooh.

Can't you just feel the sheer intellectual power radiating from your screen as you read this?

In two years of doing this, I've made a number of friends and not, I hope, too many enemies.

I'd particularly like to thank Emperor Misha I for getting me started, and the LoyalCitizens (and many other folks) for their encouraging words.


Congratulations! And thanks again for helping me out with my malfunctioning comments and trackbacks.

Glad to have been of service, Flea.

[And thanks for the link(s).]

You ROCK!! And you becoming a two year veteran of the blogosphere makes my Tacjammer tattoo seem all the more meaningful, somehow.

Congrats on the blogiversary.

These things get kinda habit forming, like barbeque, but not as caloric.

I was drawn here by unseen, "sheer intellectual power". Can't the FCC regulate that kind of stuff better?

I was looking at cartoons. *sniff*


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