Death Watch


I am fairly certain the cat, Mycah, is trying to kill me.

Her methods mainly consist of attempts to break my neck by tripping me as I go down the stairs, exsanguination via repeatedly clawing at my leg (said activity cleverly disguised as an effort to obtain cat treats), and asphyxiation through the use of wads of cat hair.

Occasionally she tries weapons. Here, she has been photographed waiting — weapon close at hand paw — for me to come through the front door:


Note to the authorities: If I should happen to be found lifeless in my home, the cat did it.

She hardly looks the type, does she?



Saaay...that looks like an Imperial Clue-Bat!

Gee whiz Russ - I always thought she had an evil side - she not only has a wicked glint in her eye but she has her bandana handy - right around her neck!

All of our cats have blue eyes.
Mycah has wonderful bright green eyes...our cats are green with envy.


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