Opportunity Missed


Today I had what to my way of thinking was a pretty good and provocative Cindy Sheehan post written. But because I have been exceptionally busy transitioning into the new work situation, I only had time to scribble it out in my notebook during a 15-minute break early in the afternoon. I don't yet have a workstation (or even a desk) I can call my own.

I have no time at all to read during the day — not for the present, anyway — so I can't keep up with what's happening. I got home around 11 and decided to troll around for a few minutes to get a feel for what's been happening today.

Good thing I did. As much as I despise what Sheehan says, how she says it and who she says it with, I am not going to kick her when she's down. (Link via Malkin.)

Thanks for the warning, Beth.


I feel your pain, big guy - I'm getting slammed myself at the office, and my network admins and system admins are slammed even worse. New phone infrastructure and new database servers at the same time.

Of course, next week when I get a breather, you'll still be slammed :-)

- D

Don't worry about Sheehan. She has destroyed her family. Her husband wants a divorce. Her other son wants to join the military (even after the death of her first son), and she forbid him to. She has driven her mother into a stroke. Now if she will only hang herself the family will be completely destroyed.

If you need a good laugh, I posted something Patrick O'Brianish tonight...not sure if you have read the books yet, but I think you will appreciate the spirit of the thing...


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