Travis County, Texas district attorney Ronnie Earle today managed to get an indictment against Representative Tom DeLay of Texas, as well as against two of his associates.

Ronnie Earle has been after DeLay for quite a while, to no practical effect before today. He seems to be obsessed, perhaps out of sheer partisan hackery, perhaps because he's simply a bad prosecutor, perhaps because he's a complete nut.

This is, after all, a man who indicted himself — thereby proving that if no ham sandwiches are readily available, you can get a grand jury to indict a fruitcake.

I suspect DeLay will weather this storm and come through vindicated.

Update: Captain Ed weighs in.


I've got to be honest, I don't have a good feeling about DeLay. I sure can't rush to his defense.
No doubt that Ronnie Earle is, as one of my good friends would say, a "slap" (short for "slapdick"-just sounds like the right thing to call that guy) and flat-out has ill-intent. But that doesn't make DeLay clean. I hope, for the sake of conservatives everywhere-but especially in Congress, that this can get resolved quickly. It doesn't look like that is going to happen though.

When will the Justice Department start the investigation of Earle? He's guilty of racketeering as much as any mafia member ever was. Using phony indictments to force several large corporations to fund his favorite 'charities'. How much of the money ended up in his pocket. A simple check of his financial status will prove that. A district attorney or whatever office he holds doesn't make the kind of money he spends. Now we know he was having a movie made about his exploits even before the indictment of Mr. Delay came out. Guess the movie was sort of slow since he had to go before six grand juries before he found one stupid enough to return a true indictment. There are several federal criminal charges he (Earle) should face.


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