Friday Catblogging


Is it a shoe box...?

Or is it a Lou box?

Someone looks mighty darn comfortable... even if his preferred nap spot looks disconcertingly like a coffin.

"Doesn't he look natural?"

Don't miss the Friday Ark at the Modulator, and of course the Carnival of the Cats (and don't miss parts two and three.)


"Ashes to ashes,
Dust to dust.
If the tabbies don't get ya,
The whiskery must."

Yes, my lou is quite natural. My mom and I call him Mr. Neat, because there is not a hair out of place on the head of my Lou!

For those of you playing at home, commenter Faith is my niece. I get the privilege of posting pictures of her felines, Bubba and Lou.

Of course, some day she'll have her own #1-rated blog, and we'll all have to suck up to her for linky love. Fortunately, I've got an early start.

OK, clearly I'm going to have to start submitting "Mooch" pictures - after all, she is the cutest little black lab you ever did see.


Of course, she did pee in the kitchen tonight, so she's been sent to her room.

Purrfect fit!


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