First Shot


Mycah just had her first me-administered insulin injection.

When I got home from work 25 minutes ago I fed her, and prepped the injection. When she was done eating I called her over, "posed" her so I could aim properly, and stuck her just the way the vet taught me. Mycah didn't even flinch. Not bad, if I do say so myself.

Having had that initial success, I feel much better about the future.

Mycah was very good, and got a treat and a good chin-skritch out of the deal.



I guess the practice cats with the vet are a good thing.

Makes me wonder if stuffed toy cats might also work for practice.

Probably not, unless the anatomical accuracy was extremely high - you have to feel how the skin moves over the shoulder blades, and how it "tents" when you pinch a bit between your finger and thumb and then pull the loose skin up.

Plus, I have yet to see a stuffed toy cat that will eat a treat when you're all done.


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