I've done some work under the hood here, and I think I might have broken something.

If you have a blog, could you please try sending a trackback to this post? (Or to any post, it doesn't matter.)

And, if it's not asking too much, if you do send a TB and it fails, could you let me know in the comments?

Thanks much.


Hey Russ,

I gave it a shot, and got this message (I use Haloscan):

Problem: Server said 'You are pinging trackbacks too quickly. Please try again later.'

Thanks, Stander. I've noticed the same thing when I try to ping from here to any site that uses Haloscan.

So, maybe I need someone to try from a MovableType or WordPress blog.

I myself have had a problem or two with Haloscan.
Right now, in fact, I'm trying unsuccessfully to get the Trackback link to show on my individual post pages instead of just on the main page. If it ain't one thing, it's another. {:O)

Same here


You are pinging trackbacks too quickly. Please try again later.

I did a little test post for ya from my testing blog, (as in NC fan of the NJ Devils. Heh) I'm on Wordpress, says it pinged.

Hey Russ, you may be able to edit the onehourmaxpings and onedaymaxpings sections of your mt-config.cgi, if you haven't already done so. I've had a lot of trackback issues at my MT blog, particularly when haloscan folks are trying to ping me (and sometimes visa versa), and editing the limits on those has seemed to help. I can give you more instructions if needed, although this hasn't been an end all to my trackback problems. The Real Republican is getting that "too fast" error mentioned above as we speak, when trying to send me a trackback.


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