For his remarks at IMAO, I hereby declare a catwa against commenter "Son of Bob."

Catwa is also declared against Professor Glenn Reynolds for quoting those remarks approvingly.

Cat pee be upon them both.




As the Imam said, Son of Bob and the Professor must be wiped off the map!

mycah, we hope you and your family are all OK after the big explosion! we saw your name on the cat blog map at timmy's when we signed up earlier this week, and for some reason "Apex" stuck in our minds. now we see it again, in a most unpleasant context.

and we just LOVE your catwah! as mom sez, "too damn funny for words, so a picture will have to do."

best fishes,

nelson, edmund, nitro, and xing lu pierce
the meowers in missouri

May a thousand Pekinese poop in their yard.


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