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Having noticed a rapid and serious decline in my ability to walk since being put on the Prednisone tapering-off plan, I called the doctor last week, and was "rewarded" by having my dosage set to 60mg/day, which I began on Saturday. There seems to have been a bit of improvement — I am walking a bit better already.

I'm still waiting for a second MRI appointment.

And today I had my worst fall so far. It was not the usual "legs giving out under me" fall, though, where I crumple vertically and end up on my hands and knees. This was the full "toppling like a redwood tree" kind of fall; I went over backwards and ended up flat on my back.

I think I might have dented something. Something other than my bedroom floor, I mean. I'm pretty sure I hurt something in this fall. I'm just thankful it didn't happen while I was on the stairs.

Up to this point, I haven't really had any back pain associated with my condition; at most, there were some aches as the muscles in my back worked harder to compensate for the balance problems I've had.

Right now, though, my back feels like Barry Bonds took a swing at it — and connected, right below the shoulder blades.

Codeine, take me away....
Update: the squirrels are here... and they're pissed. Seems their deal to play Vegas fell through; the Chumash indian casino in Santa Ynez, CA is indeed a weak substitute.

On the plus side, though, they've added Hot Chocolate to their repertoire. Awesome.

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I hope the second MRI shows something. My coworker's 20 year old daughter has been having mystery seizures for about six months now. She had to have a second deep MRI, and still nothing. Last week, she had to fly to Dallas to see a 'House' type specialist diagnostician who specializes in exotic diseases since she's been to Africa several times doing mission work. We're keeping our fingers crossed he comes up with something.

I think falls hurt worse than just about anything. We need to wrap you in foam for the duration. I'll keep my fingers crossed for the second MRI.

Hey- that's an idea. Go to Connecticut and have House look at you. He'll figure it out and not even break a sweat.

Seriously, hon... I'm praying...

Hang tough and keep us posted, Russ. We'll do our part and keep on praying!

Save yourself a bit of pain and get a walker. I know they're not pretty, but neither are bruises and broken bones.

I've got the performing squirrels too. They're a riot to watch and feed.


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