Ten perfectly good words and phrases I have never before used here, but perhaps ought to, given the right circumstances

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  1. askance
  2. resentment
  3. raconteur
  4. hemorrhage
  5. nozzle
  6. knucklehead
  7. omelette du fromage
  8. blockbuster
  9. apotheosis
  10. spud

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Russ eyed his friend Alton askance as he watched the eggs. Resentment oozed from the culinary raconteur's voice as he said, "The cheese is going to hemorrhage from our omelette du fromage any second. Hand me the nozzle!"
"What kind of knucklehead uses a nozzle to maintain cheese equilibrium in an omelet," Russ thought to himself. "I can't believe his cooking show is the blockbuster that it is."
"See what I mean?" Alton said as he prevented the gruyere from escaping, "that's the apotheosis of how NOT to make an omelet."
"Idiot," muttered Russ "I wanted to make a Spanish omelet. You know, the kind that requires a spud."

How do you say, "apotheosis?"

Very carefully, and with a Greek accent.


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