Modern Nomenclature, part 2

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I think we can stop using the terms "mainstream media" or "legacy media."

Faced with a loss of market share and influence, and the increasing influence of new online media, members of the Obama Press Corps are flinging themselves suicidally against Sarah Palin in an effort to sink the GOP campaign, and ruining the one thing that ought to be most precious to anyone in journalism: their own credibility.

They are now the kamikaze media.

For numerous examples, see the Anchoress' Running Sarah Palin Thread of Hate & Doooom, and see one type of backlash, from Michelle Malkin.

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Who needs the kamikaze media anymore? I mean, other than those on the Left who enjoy hitting the talk show and cocktail circuit, being fawned over, sucked up to, and adored. The new media of the Internet seems to be... Read More

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