Another day, another vet trip

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Packet had his annual rabies update yesterday. He took it well. They love him there at the vet's office.

This morning, a bit over an hour ago, I dropped Kismet off at the vet's office. The strange lumps in his armpits haven't responded long-term to antibiotics, so the vet is going to do a biopsy. I'll pick him up late this afternoon.

He hates hates hates going to the vet; he cried the entire way during the drive there. Once there, though, he started purring — loudly. If that's part of the fear response, then I might as well give up right now on ever trying to understand cat psychology.

I haven't slept yet. If I'd gone to bed, there's no way I'd have been able to wake up in time to get the lad to the vet.

Now I'm off to bed. Don't expect me to move before 4pm.

This has the ring of truth to it.

Vis-a-vis bathroom visits: Mycah is about 20%, Packet perhaps 50%, and Kismet about 95%.

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Hey, Packet! I just got my rabies shot too! But I didn't take it as well as you, I guess! (But they do love me at the v-e-t office too!)


pee ess. We hope Kismet is okay!

I hope Kismet is ok.

Yes, cats purr when they are in pain or extremely fearful too.

Some basics with references here:-

Yes I know it's Wikipedia, but it's not a bad article and the references are ok


we hopes that Kismet is ok. we will check back later for an update

I hope Kismet gets a good report from the vet! Glad you survived your visit, Packet! ~ purrs ~


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