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I wondered why my blogrolls were refusing to load, so I tried going to — the server is unreachable, and appears to be offline completely.

On a lark, I googled them, and brought up the cached version of their page. It appears has been hacked by splodeydope wannabees. I took a screenshot of the Google cache as of 12:50pm today:

I'm reasonably sure they'll be back soon. At least, I hope so.

2pm update: Apparently all that was required for them to come back to life was for me to post something about it.

They'll be getting my bill in the mail soon.

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D'oh! I saw this message yesterday and thought maybe I had just typed in the wrong address. :(

Thanks for the info.

I posted this at my place with a link to you. I hope you don't mind...if so just let me know. Thanks!

Well. Thanks for commenting at my place to advise me of this. What the heck did you do, search Technorati for blog posts containing ""?

No; I just looked for "blogrolling" - and saw that a few folks were questioning the disappearance.

The site is back and the continue to serve blogrolls, but remains either unpingable or at least unresponsive. None of the links on my blogroll have shown as updated for a couple of days now.

Also, I'm unable to change preferences on my blogrolls.


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