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It's been an exhausting day, and I haven't got anything either terribly deep or really exciting to say. Fortunately, I have two fallback positions.

The first would be to find something interesting someone else said and make it a Quote of the Day. This might work, if I'd had time today to do any reading.

The other option is to write something about one or more of the cats, or post a picture. Fortunately, one of the various things I did today was take Kismet to the vet for an injection of Depomedrol to deal with his newly-diagnosed allergies.

It was a pretty quick trip, so his stress levels were not quite as high as they had been on his last trip, when the biopsy was performed.

On his return, he celebrated by shredding some of the paperwork from the vet.

We'll see how he's feeling tomorrow. I am, of course, hoping the injection is effective. Fingers crossed.

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Mirabile Dictu from Russ. Just Russ. on October 24, 2008 3:26 PM

As hard as it is for me to believe, the Depomedrol injection Kismet received Wednesday afternooon appears to be working. Seemingly overnight, the lumps in his skin receeded to near nothingness; his sneezing/snottiness has disappeared altogether. Remark... Read More


Good to see Kismet ripping up the paperwork. Could he be persuaded to rip up the vet bill too? I hope the injections work quickly for him.

Way to show your displeasure, Kismet! I hope you feel all better.

We hope the shot brings Kismet some relief!

Hey Kismet, I get one of dem shots effury month...mom gives it to me so I don't hafta go to da vet alla time. Dey work! Hope yoors does too so yoo can feel good alla time.


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