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Home is the sailor, home from the sea. . .

. . . and the kitteh home from the vet.

He seemed rather glad to see me when I picked him up at the vet's; as soon as we got home and the garage door was shut, I let him out of the PTU (still in the truck in the garage) — he practically leapt on me and delivered serious purrs and headbutts, and chewed briefly on my nose.

I think it translated to "I'm glad to be home, but do this again and I'll hurt you." He has stitches that will have to come out in two weeks, so I'll make sure my insurance is up to date.

Little does Kismet know that he gets to be pilled daily for the next two weeks.

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Good luck with those pills! There used to be a joke that was directions for giving a cat a pill, that ended up with the human taking the pill himself. I hope that isn't your experience.

Glad he's home and chewing your nose. Does the vet know what the lumps are yet?

It'll be a week or two before the lab results are back. I guess it wasn't anything as simple as, say, vericose veins.


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