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OK, I lied when I said I'd watch some DVDs. Didn't get the opportunity. I did, however, catch some of the debate tonight during a slow period at work.

I think she beat Scowly McHairplugs Joe Biden like a rented red-haired bastard mule.

I'm not alone.

Oh, and Alan Colmes can go get bent. Dear lord, is there a more annoying person anywhere? Well, OK, the entirety of the MSNBC stable... but I never have to see them.

Dick Morris gives it to Colmes with both barrels:

Why do you insist on using segments with me to get reading practice on your talking points? Save that for a Republican.


Hey Alan, are you going to have me talk, or have another guest on? If you're going to have me on, you're going to listen to what I have to say. As far as I'm concerned, in the last debate I said that I thought Obama won, and this debate I think she won, and I don't think that that objectivity and fairness deserves your just spewing the talking points you've been handed.

[Colmes spews.]

You're incredible Alan, you're absolutely incredible. Is it that you can't think, or that you only know how to read those talking points? Unbelievable performance tonight, Mr. Colmes. Unbelievable.

[Hannity talks.]

[Palin's performance] was unbelievable, and anybody with a brain looking at it would conclude that... which does not include [Colmes] I might add.

Wonderful. Brought a smile to my face.

Update: here's a (crappy) video capture of the exchange. The fun begins at 40 seconds in, and cuts off before the end. Hot Air has the good video.

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I, like you, am a Sarah Palin fan.

I came across your site through Michelle Malkin's site.

My blog is the Tygrrrr Express.

If you feel it is of a high quality, please consider a link or blogroll exchange.

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eric aka the Tygrrrr Express


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