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Just as I was getting ready to head to the garage for a bit of lathe work, the phone rang; it was the vet. She had the results of last week's biopsy of the lumps on Kismet's arm.

The verdict: eosinophilic granuloma, which implies allergies. (Maybe that would explain his sneeziness, too...?)

Tomorrow he will have to suffer through another trip to the vet, to get an injection of some sort of cortisone or steroid something-or-other that ought to handle it. Apparently such injections are semiannual affairs. I can live with that... and I hope Kismet will be happier for it as well.

You can tell he's thrilled at the prospect.

Or not.

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Glad the news on Kismet was something treatable...I have allergies too...but fortunately I'm not bothered enough by it to warrant getting the steroid shot...I eat special food...

Kismet, you don't look too bothered by it all either!


Ah hah, well, it's not great but it could be worse. Our Sadie has allergies to dust, mold, certain pollens, you know, every day stuff. She gets a shot once a month at home and is so much better for it. I'm so glad she has lost the runny nose, drippy eyes and the constant sneezing.

So glad it was nothing worse. The shot should help. Yes, he looks thrilled.

Oh, that's great news! Kismet might not agree but we cat moms know it could be worse! *kisses to Kismet*

Wow! So glad to hear that it was an allergy and can be treated!

I'm very glad that it's something treatable. Those steroid injections can be very effective.

Yay for Kismet!


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