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Busy week here, hence the lack of posting.

Doctor appointments, later-than-usual nights at work, and so on.

After a checkup earlier this week with my regular doctor, my six-month checkup with the neurologist has been bumped up from February to next week. Some of my neurological symptoms are returning, which isn't what I'd hoped for, but which in hindsight makes a certain amount of sense, from an engineering point of view.

The shunt installed this time last year alleviated the symptoms, but did not — could not — resolve the underlying cause of the hydrocephalus. I think what's happening is that the problematic processes have continued on their merry way, and now they are beginning to catch up with what the shunt has been able to handle.

The solution, I'm guessing, would be to adjust the shunt to a higher rate of drainage. But, dammit Jim, I'm an engineer, not a doctor... so I'll be seeing the doc next week.

Sigh. And so it goes.

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Hi Russ,

Hope all goes well. Did they ever determine what the cause of the hydrocephalus was? I read most of your medical saga when you linked back to it a few weeks ago (where you said "I remember where I was LAST year..") but did not see that they had ever determined a cause, or perhaps that part you had just not shared for privacy. If so, I apologize for being nosy.


Hope that all goes well for you, Russ.

No, Kat, they have not determined a cause. In fact, they specifically called it "idiopathic," which I believe is medical obfuscation for "we don't know the source."

And no, that's not nosy. If I was worried about that, I wouldn't have written any of this stuff. :-)


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