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There's some sort of birthday celebration happening today. I can't recall what it might be....

Oh, yes. It's Mycah's 14th.

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14. Not bad for one who's had cancer, and has diabetes and hyperthyroidism.

She's been slowing down lately, but perhaps she has another year or two left in her.

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Welcome to Carnival of the Cats. This being the day after the Fourth of July, I, Meowza, am not sticking to the holiday theme. Sides, I suck at graphics. Instead, here’s a pic of me. Ted and I are in sync here, he’s doing my favorite thing... Read More


Happy birthday, Mycah!

☺Happy Purr-thday to you!☺

Happy 4th of July! We hope that the biggest and bestest hot dog falls off the grill for you today.

Many before us, and sadly, many after us will shed our most precious asset - the blood of our youth - to preserve the freedom(s) we hold so dear. Let us remember our valiant troops deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan and pray that all of them will come home to celebrate Independence Day with us once more.


Happy Birthday, Mycah!! There's gonna be some celebrating today cuz it's your birthday!! Oh yeah...and because it's the 4th of July too...

Have a happy 4th!!

Have a wonderful Happy Birthday, furriend!

Happy Birthday! It's my birthday too. Happy 4th too!

Happy Fourth of July and Happy Birthday, Mycah! I hope you do have at least a couple of years left in you.


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