Worst Americans

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Over at Right Wing News today: Conservative Bloggers Select The 25 Worst Figures In American History.

Jim Geraghty, the man behind the Campaign Spot blog at NRO, questions the sanity of the contributing bloggers. I think he's right.

The problem here is that people are treating "worst figures" as though it means "least liked," so of course Carter, the Clintons, Obama, Pelosi, et al., made the list.

When asked to submit my selections, I decided to give myself only five minutes to make a list, and I tried to avoid politicians altogether.

I went a bit... eccentric, perhaps. A few of my selections (bolded) made the Top 25.

Alger Hiss
Elbridge Gerry
George Soros
John Dewey
John Wilkes Booth
Joseph Kennedy Sr.
Julius & Ethel Rosenberg
Larry Flynt
Margaret Sanger
Michael Moore
Roger B. Taney
Sanford Wallace
Ted Bundy
Ted Turner
Timothy McVeigh
Walter Duranty

For a bit of additional fun, check out the #WorstAmericansInHistory topic on Twitter. Lots of good suggestions there.

Update, 8/14: See also Ed Morrisey's take on the matter: Hot Air ยป Do a couple of blog posts prove politics is "broken"?

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Benedict Arnold?

He was an unsuccessful traitor. Not much impact, there.


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