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Governor Awesome

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I have no idea where New Jersey Governor Chris Christie stands on anything other than fiscal issues, but his fiscal chops look like they're second to none.

More than one video of the Governor has gone viral. This from the Republican Governors Association is way wa-a-ay too long for that... but it's an excellent look at the man tasked with getting one of the most overtaxed and underserved States in the Union into good shape.

November is coming. Chris Christie's election in, of all places, New Jersey shows that the GOP can pick up seats in any number of places in 2010.

Video spotted at Hot Air.

Packet - Treat Hunter

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Packet knows what he wants.

Good thing he doesn't have opposable thumbs.

Religious Fireworks

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When I hear about rockets being fired at a church, I automatically assume it's Palestinians firing into Israel.

Neither side here, though, appears to be reciprocating with laser-guided bombs.

As Mætenloch says over at Ace of Spades HQ,

Everyone should watch it once. But only a fool watches it twice. You have been warned.

I'm only putting it here for your viewing "pleasure." I've already seen it, while I was on convalescent leave after surgury two years ago. I think it delayed my recovery.

The mere memory of it makes me want to scrub my eyeballs.

Hitler rants about ACORN

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Hitler's rants from the film Downfall have been fodder for hundreds of parodies.

My first-ever shot at making a humorous* video is a bit topical. I wondered last night how long it would be before someone did this... then reasoned that perhaps I ought to do it myself. It made for a longish evening.

So here goes.

I'm guessing they will end up out of the bunker and under the bus.

* Assuming one defines "humorous" broadly.

Update, 21Oct09: Philadelphia... LOL.

Just when you thought it was safe to resume your empty pathetic lives, here I come, the website on a new smokin'-fast server, with another slice of sheer awesome from the '90s.

I hope you didn't really think any "grand tour" of amazingly good music would really be complete without including a sample of Pink Floyd. Because then I'd have to do some more butt-kicking, and to be honest, I can't keep up with it all.

Now, their best-known work obviously came in earlier decades... but their later oeuvre* is, in my not so humble opinion, of equal or greater quality.

Plus, they put on an absolutely phenomenal live show.

I actually got to see them at the Rose Bowl on their Division Bell tour in 1995 or '96. It was easily the one of the best concerts I have ever been to.

* It's French, meaning "body of work," and I'll thank you not to snicker at my use of "French" and "work" in the same sentence.

Moving right along....

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Having previously sampled the musical greatness of the 1960s, '70s and '80s, you might think that I should move on to the 1990s.

Well, if you insist. There is a surprising amount of excellence from which to choose.

Now, some might question my judgement in such matters. Not to my face, of course. Cowards.

True story: in order to be slotted into my former career as a military linguist, I had to have excellent hearing. In fact, my hearing was much better than normal*, and I was trained to listen very carefully. Even now, 20+ years later, after losing some of my hearing, I figure that when I actively and deliberately listen to things I can hear the details better than most people can.

So when I say this next song is full of Goodness and Rightness, it's because I have listened to it in detail.

When it comes right down to it, the entire album from which this is drawn, Cracked Rear View, is full of musical WIN.

Don't even think of gainsaying me. The result would be... unpleasant.

* I could hear dog whistles. Really.

As if that wasn't enough....

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Try as I might, I just can't run out of sheer musical awesomeness from the 1980s.

I feel pretty sorry, really, for my nephew and nieces who, having been born in the '90s, have been forced by circumstance to listen to all the crap that is mistakenly referred to as "music" these days. Through no fault of their own, they missed out on all the aforementioned '80s awesomeness.

Case in point:

I dare you to try to count the ways in which that kicked butt. Go ahead. Try.

I'll wait.

There was so much great music in the '80s, one song isn't a representative sample, despite the sheer indisputable awesomeness of that previous example.

Shut up. I'll mess you up, surely I will.

So here's a taste of the late '80s, heard in every GI bar in Korea during my 1988-90 tour. If you were born after 1960, crank up the volume and enjoy Armageddon It.

Verily, it doth rock.

There's a beat-down awaiting those who disagree with me.

Just because I'm crippled doesn't mean I can't deliver said beat-down — Rick Allen lost an arm and is still out there drumming. The least I can do is take down anyone who doesn't think Def Leppard ruled.

Listen up.

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I'm sure you agreed with me about the previously mentioned songs, the first from 1966, the second and third from 1974 and 1978 respectively. All three are made of pure awesome. If you don't think so, get your butt over here so I can kick it.

Now, it might be good planning on my part, or perhaps just pure happenstance,* but today's song is another featuring the "vocal stylings" of Justin Hayward, this time as front man for the Moody Blues. This is from their 1981 album Long Distance Voyager, which very successfully brought them from the '60s/70s world of "prog rock" and into the 1980s - a transition many bands could not make.

This song also made me a Moody Blues fan for life, so you're on notice now: you'd better like it, or you're in for a world of hurt.

Just saying.

I don't care if the audio/video quality stinks, watch and listen anyway. Skip ahead to 0:58 if you want to miss the announcer getting the name of the album wrong.

That right there is musical genius. Greatest. Band. Ever. I mean it.

Don't make me thrash you, because I will.

Oh, yes, I most certainly will.

* It was good planning.

Don't Laugh

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I know what you're thinking. I do. "A musical version of War of the Worlds? Are you insane?" Well, that's the 70s for you. 1978, to be specific.

I have to admit, it does sound crazy... until you listen to it.

After you've had a look at and a listen to the Moody Blues' own Justin Hayward singing the achingly lovely song "Forever Autumn" in this excerpt from a 2006 live performance of Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds, you will be convinced that this was how H.G. Wells would have wanted his story to be told.

If you dare try to tell me I'm wrong about it, you'll need an appointment with your dentist to fix the consequences.

This is art, dammit.

You think I'm kidding?

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You want some more music? Since yesterday's selection was from the '60s, check out this Emerson,* Lake and Palmer concert video from 1974 — and after admiring, yes, admiring the virtuosity, you can thank me.

If you don't agree with me that this is one of the finest ballads ever written, I'll be inclined to beat you with my cane.

I'm serious, really really serious.

* No relation. Not that it would matter if he was. He is (and they are) nevertheless awesome, and if you disagree with me on this, you will not enjoy the consequences, I guarantee you.

† For even more virtuosity, check out the studio version of this song; Keith Emerson's keyboard solo at the end was entirely improvised, done in one take, and recorded without his knowledge.

Tell me no lies.

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Tell me this isn't one of the three or four most beautiful songs ever written.

I swear, if you try telling me to my face that it isn't, I will get up out of this chair and punch you in your filthy lying mouth, even if it means I fall flat on my face and break a variety of my own bones because in my haste to deal out justice I neglected to grab my cane.

Go ahead. I dare you.

Yeesh. And some people say I have no aesthetic sense.


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It's been over a year since the lads arrived, and in that time Mycah has hissed and growled more than in the entirety of her life prior to the aforementioned arrival.

She is, however, becoming more tolerant of their presence, though only in narrowly defined circumstances.

The lads have always, from Day 1, wanted to be friendly with her. Kismet, however, is the one who has hit on the right formula. When I am near at hand, and if they feel there is an imminent prospect of food or treat delivery, Mycah will tolerate Kismet grooming her:

It's completely predictable.

What I have not been able to capture on video, due to the unpredictable nature thereof, is Packet's ill-considered attempts to exhibit friendliness towards Mycah. He just wants to play!, but unfortunately Mycah considers his attempts to play! as an attack... due in no small part to his preferred method of play!ing, which consists of him sneaking up behind her and pouncing.

Yowling and hissing follow immediately thereafter.

Spin around, Ninjas!

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What can possibly explain the music videos of the '80s?

Drugs. Had to have been lots of drugs.

Wait, no... that was the "literal version" of Bonnie Tyler's Total Eclipse of the Heart — I've been LOLing over it since I saw it last week.

It's a good song, maybe even a great song, but forever mockable for its hyper-clichéd video. Which also, coincidentally, can be explained by drugs.

And for my brother, here's the literal version of Tears For Fears' Head Over Heels. Awesome.

Here's to you, Mr. Jefferson

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The new PC is set up. It screams.

I've managed to get the important apps installed and most of my data transferred from the old machine, though I'm still tweaking a lot of settings to get it to behave the way I prefer. Which reminds me just how much I hate Windows. With a fierce burning passion.

The cabling is slightly less of a mess than it was before, though nowhere as neat as I would have liked. There has to be a better way to wire a home office, there just has to be.

Maybe I should invent something.

While setting up the machine, a certain pain-in-the-butt cat decided he wanted to help... if you define "help" as broadly as possible... up to and including flopping on the keyboard.

Teasing Kismet with the mouse pointer probably wasn't too nice of me, but that's what he gets if he's going to park his butt on my keyboard.

Board the Friday Ark at The Modulator.

Carnival of the Cats #263 will be hosted by Kashim, Othello and Salome.

For your everyday cat needs, visit the Cat Blogosphere.

Shock and boo yah!

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Poor career choice: IED Emplacement Team.

Friday Virtuosity

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I wish the audio/video quality was a bit better, but that's the hazard of a live performance.

The greatest guitar player alive, and possibly ever, Eric Johnson, performing Cliffs of Dover.

I work on a keyboard for a living, and I can't imagine making my fingers move the way his do on that guitar.

Red state sense

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Jackie and Dunlap discuss Sarah Palin.

"At the very least he prevented a grateful nation from having to learn anything at all about Tim Pawlenty." That's funny right there. (No offense to Gov. Pawlenty, of course.)

il colpo di grazia

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Nothing, absolutely nothing, must be allowed to stand in the way of Hopeiness and Changeitude™.*

Hence the Obama campaign's mob-like efforts to squelch this ad; it's got the potential to be the political kiss of death, and they know it.

If they want this to remain unseen, they'll have to do better than threaten.

Tell your friends.

More, from Mike Hendrix, on why Ayers matters.

* Or is that Changeiness and Hopeitude?

Vets for Freedom

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Obama hasn't taken a stand on the Surge; what he's really been doing is called posturing.

Those who were there might have something to say about that.

Via Hot Air.

3 a.m.

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Today's theme: campaign ads.

More to come.

Enjoy them while I'm shampooing the carpet.


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Taliban suicide troops attack US forces in Afghanistan, with predictable results.

Perhaps they should have watched a training video or two:


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More video of the lads.

They wrestle a lot, almost always as an effort by each to groom the other.

Maybe that's why Kismet grooms my head at night when I'm in bed — I don't fight back.

An award — this makes it two Fridays in a row. Clearly, we need to start being nicer to more people more often.

From Skittles the Huntress:

Aww... 't'weren't nuthin'.

Friday. Ark. Be there.

You've got to love the Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos, this week at Mind of Mog.

Carnival of the Cats will be hosted this week by Samantha Black & Mr. Tigger.

Mighty Hunter, redux

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Yesterday I went to do my grocery shopping. As usual, when leaving the house, I had to go out the front door and open the garage from the outside, because when I go directly out to the garage through the door that opens off the kitchen, Kismet and Packet race each other to go out to the garage, and I'm just not quick enough to get out and close the door before they get out.

When they get out into the garage, it then takes me ten minutes to wrangle them back into the house, before I can then open the garage door, start the truck, and leave. I don't often have that much time to burn.

I ultimately got home and opened the door into the kitchen. As usual, the lads had heard the garage door opener, and were waiting in the kitchen for me to open the door. I did, and they zipped out into the garage, as usual. And as usual, I wondered what the attraction was.

Just a couple of minutes later, while I was putting away the groceries, Kismet came in and showed me what was so interesting in the garage: he'd caught and dispatched a lizard. Fortunately, I'd left my camera downstairs.

At the beginning, you can see he's "on point" — I couldn't see what he was looking at, but I think it was either Mycah or Packet checking out his acquisition.

The ex-lizard had already bought the farm — kicked the bucket, shuffled off this mortal coil, rung down the curtain and joined the bleedin' choir invisible — but Kismet wanted to play more with his new toy.

It seems like he doesn't quite know what to do with it.

Me, I just wanted to get the little corpse away from him before he could take it upstairs and deposit it in my bed.

Eventually I distracted him (thank you, keychain laser) and was able to give the late lamented lizard a quick watery funeral.

Limited time offer

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What do you do if you're Hollywood creative genius Joss Whedon — the man behind Firefly — and there's a writers strike on?

You take your skills to the web, naturally.

Of course, the WGA strike is over... but it may have been worth it, since as a byproduct we now have (drumroll, please...)

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog is... well, it's different. And entertaining, with actual recognizeable actors in it, and far, far better production values than any high school doofus with a webcam publishing to YouTube. It stars Neil Patrick Harris as Dr. Horrible, Nathan Filion as Captain Hammer, and Felicia Day as Penny the love interest.

It's available to view — free! — in three 15-minute installments... but only through midnight Sunday. (Later, it will be available on iTunes.)

It's a bit of mostly-light-hearted fun, and highly recommended. Catch it while you can.

Packet the TV connoisseur

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Packet has become a TV junkie. Cat Sitter is his favorite DVD so far.

Rodents and birds are not the only things he likes to watch. He seems to enjoy Good Eats as much as I do, and he's a regular Red Eye viewer. He's a big fan of ombudsman Andy Levy.

He's probably hoping to get an autographed picture of Andy's cats, Pixel and Stormy.

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The Carnival of the Cats this week is hosted at the M-cats Club.

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Kismet says a very quick hello.

I really need to get a longer vid of him at his most talkative, but when the camera comes out, he goes quiet. Uncooperative little cuss.

Check out the neat goodies that are being raffled off at Cat Friends Helping Friends.

Don't miss the Friday Ark at The Modulator.

The Carnival of the Cats this week is hosted by our friends at Artsy Catsy.

And as always, for your every day cat needs, a visit to the Cat Blogosphere is recommended.


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Yes, yes, I know — lots of cat stuff lately. So sue me. If I were having health problems (apart from the usual rounds of physical therapy and such) I'd be posting about that.

The lads had their first night of freedom last night. Naturally, they used it to best effect by playing the Thundering Herd of Elephants game while I was trying to get to sleep. They eventually settled down around dawn.

When I woke up, Kismet was sleeping at my feet. Very cute.

I'm not going to call them inseparable, but they do enjoy hanging out together.

Mycah still doesn't quite know what to make of these interlopers. When I have had human visitors in the past, she was always pretty skittish at first, and would be "off her feed" for a couple of days. Same thing now — I can't believe I actually have to work at it to get her to eat. She'll get back to normal pretty quickly, I expect.

Day Two

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The lads have been acclimating to the house, and to Mycah's presence... as much as they can, under the door.

They are a pair of serious nose-poker-inners. Here are their first few moments of freedom:

They made a break for it today — when I went in to feed them, they bolted through the open door. Mycah was right behind me, though, and the boys were startled enough to dash across the hall into the bathroom rather than down the hall and to the rest of the house.

In my somewhat debilitated physical condition, I was unable to wrangle them into their bedroom. Fortunately, they are young and as yet not jaded by shiny things, so the laser spot was successfully employed to lure them back into their room.

I think I have names for them. A few have been floating through my head, some relating to my chosen profession, but they aren't all geeky... unless you count my having been a Korean linguist as geeky.

OK, bad example. Linguists are very nearly the biggest geeks in the Army.

A couple more days. In the meantime, they're being referred to as "buddy" and "fluffy boy." They really are quite a pair.

Skritch magnet

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Mycah is a complete and utter hedonist.

But then, not too many cats could be described as altruistic.

Or many people, for that matter.

A visit to the Modulator's Friday Ark is required. Get thee hence.

On Sunday, it's the Carnival of the Cats — this week at Nikita's Place.

And for your recommended daily allowance of Cat, there's the Cat Blogosphere.

Mycah Speaks

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Recently, after going in with family members to get my niece a camera for her birthday, I decided it was time for me to upgrade to a new digital camera. I've had the old one for about eight years, and it was getting to be quite a bit behind the times. I hadn't really done anything for myself in quite a while, and with the amazing prices these days, it was hard to say no.

I shopped around, and decided on a Kodak. It's far more powerful a camera than the old one, at about one third the price I paid in 2000.

What I wasn't really looking for, but was pleased to find, was that the camera has the capability to capture video. Sure, it's limited to the available memory, but I'm not ever going to try to be a Spielberg.

Nevertheless, here's my first shot at making Mycah a star.

I suppose I'm going to have to get some video editing software somewhere.

Since it's Friday, you know you have to go visit the Modulator's Friday Ark.

The Carnival of the Cats is hosted this week at Artsy Catsy.


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