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October 30, 2003
Quote of the Day

Ann Coulter, on the predictable lefty reaction to the nomination of California Supreme Court Justice Janice Rogers Brown to the DC Circuit Court of Appeals:

Even Teddy Kennedy, who might be well advised to withhold comment on a woman's position relative to a moving body of water, has described Brown as "out of the mainstream," adding, "Let's just hope this one can swim."
The man parodies himself.

Posted by Russ at 09:48 AM, October 30, 2003 in Quotes

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That is simply priceless!

Posted by: The Bartender at November 1, 2003 07:42 PM

did he really say that? unbelievable! i googled and could only find coulter saying he said it. the original nyt piece is now $ only. if true (and i don't doubt it), i agree with the bartender

Posted by: chris hall at November 5, 2003 05:35 PM

Ah, ha ha ha,

a least he din't make a whale joke. He is ****ing huge.

Lets rename him Ted "fat ass whale with a head like a pumpkin" Kennedy.

ah, ha ha ha


Posted by: alias at November 7, 2003 07:18 AM