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August 13, 2004
Julia Child, RIP

I just saw the news that Julia Child has passed away.

In remembrance, I plan to prepare and consume a good dinner tonight.

[Brian has more commentary at Memento Moron, as does Jay at One Fine Jay.]

Posted by Russ at 11:17 AM, August 13, 2004 in Miscellany

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The world is suddenly a slightly less edible place.

She really was a fantastic person.

RIP, Julia.

Posted by: Brian B at August 13, 2004 12:34 PM

Hey, Russ, I want to trackback & give you credit, but wizbang says no. Any suggestions?

Posted by: Brian B at August 13, 2004 12:49 PM

I see you're linking to


so that's OK.

(Not sure where wizbang enters into it.)

I'd chalk it up to being "just another blogspot oddity" - blogspot apparently doesn't support Trackback.

[See: http://help.blogger.com/bin/answer.py?answer=900&topic=12 ]

Movable Type sites, by way of comparison, automagically figure out how to ping the right URL, given the address being linked to. For instance, if an MT blogger linked to


their MT would figure out that the ping has to go to the trackback URL:


No, I don't know how it does that.

If you actually look at the trackback URL there, you'll see it's garbage, so there's no point linking to it.

Posted by: Russ at August 13, 2004 02:17 PM

Apparently there's now a trackback on my post listing yours. Either way, my post makes it clear I got the news from you. Just want to give credit where it's due.

Posted by: Brian B at August 13, 2004 02:43 PM

Yep - I linked back to you and (manually) pinged your haloscan trackback address.

Posted by: Russ at August 13, 2004 02:55 PM

Cool. Wish I knew how to do that.

Posted by: Brian B at August 13, 2004 03:31 PM

Hi Russ - Did I ever tell you about the women at Von's grocery who would follow Julia around just to see what was in her shopping cart? Yep - the meat department and produce were most popular. She was a nice lady and loved going out to other homes for dinner where she would eat whatever was fixed and not complain about it.

Posted by: mom at August 14, 2004 08:37 PM

I think so.

Posted by: matt at January 12, 2005 06:55 PM