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July 21, 2005
Not Again...

Bombings in London... and my cable box/DVR is busy rebooting on me, so I can't see jack.

Update: Still not getting squat. @#$%&! Time Warner Cable.... I'm getting my news online, starting with Wizbang.

Posted by Russ at 08:40 AM, July 21, 2005 in Terrorism

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Serious incidents in London subways - casualties from Mark in Mexico
The BBC is reporting that the series of small explosions in the London subway, or "tubes" as they call them, are being described by London Police Commissioner Ian Blair as "serious incidents" but that casualties are low. [Read More]

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Blasts hit London again (Multiple Updates) from Hyscience
the explosive used is the same as that used in the 7/7 bombings.... Acetone Peroxide, a favorite of suicide bombers in the Middle East. The primary devices did not explode. [Read More]

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