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March 09, 2006
Gitmo Study

I've completed and submitted my assigned portion of the Gitmo study, as detailed by Cap'n Ed.

I'll post a summary of my results later, if time permits. (I am at work, after all.)

Update: Time hasn't permitted.

Update, 12Mar06: Nope, still no time. Maybe tomorrow, on my day off.

Posted by Russ at 07:21 PM, March 9, 2006 in Terrorism

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Russ, apropo to nothing (sorry), an awesome addition to the Blogs for Bush site would be to be able to ignore certain posters. I'd ignore keefer every day of the week, wouldn't you? It would cut down on anger, name-calling, and spam as well, meaning less work for you! Just a thought.

Posted by: jack at March 11, 2006 09:07 PM